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Each box contains a selection of  funny activities and items either chosen by us, or customised as you need if there are specific items you'd like included. Items may include sweet treats, pamper packages, event banners and balloons, and much, much more!

As a gift, appreciation or for each and every one of your special guests!

Send your love, because love  knows no distance.


A box for

every occasion


For a virtual party:

  1. Select one of our standard boxes or personalize them with your party theme/colors.

  2. Order as many boxes as guests to your virtual party.

  3. Organize your virtual party, day and time and send the invitations to your guests. We will deliver you the boxes at your home two days before the party.

  4. Distribute the boxes yourself and get ready to share a funny time!

As a gift:

Missing someone? Wish you could be there to celebrate in person? Looking to brighten someone's day?

Let us bring the celebration to them and deliver some love, direct to their door!

Please, order your box  below or contact us to personalize them!

Our party boxes




1 Sticker activity book 
1 Unicorn headband
1 Hugging Stuffed Unicorn Slap Bracelet
1 Unicorn Puzzle
2 Color Your Own Unicorn Necklace
1 Color your unicorn crown
1 Heart rainbow crayon
Color Crayons
1 Rainbow eraser
1 Unicorn Candy Bracelet
1 party blower
1 Personal message card

Super Heroes



1 Color Your Own Superhero Paddle Ball

1 Indoor scavenger hunt or Clue  scavenger hunt

Superhero stickers

1 Superhero 1-oz. bottle of bubbles

Color Crayons

1 Party blower

2 Latex balloons

2 Cookie snacks pack (1oz)

1 Juice box
1 Personal message card